Business Finance Options

Business Finance Options

A business usually seeks to strike a balance between debt and equity to finance growth


There are four main types of financing or funding that any business will use:


Businesses often start out with the owner putting his or her own money (personal equity) into the business but to expand and develop businesses often need more investment from private investors such as friends and family, business angels, venture capital companies and others.  To find out more about private equity, click here.


Many businesses borrow to finance their businesses whether it be for investment or expansion or for working capital.  To find out more about borrowing from banks and non-banks, click here.

State/EU Aid

State agencies in Ireland such as Enterprise Ireland and the County and City Enterprise Boards and European Union agencies such as the European Investment Fund make available grants and supports for businesses (see Government Supports for details on supports available from the Irish government and its agencies and see EU funding for information on EU supports)

Own Funds

The cheapest way to finance your business is to carefully manage the cash that comes in and goes out to make sure that there is always enough to meet your needs.  For more information about managing your cashflow, please click here (Managing Your Cash)

A business usually seeks to strike a balance between debt and equity to finance growth – debt carries greater risk as the business must ensure it has the ability to repay the debt; where equity is obtained from a third party, the outside investor may seek some control over the objectives or management of the business.

Before deciding what form of financing is needed, a business should consult with a financial adviser or accountant to assess its current financial situation, its needs and the options available.